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karoseri mula-mula

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tourism bus timber

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karoseri first in Indonesia have started to assemble the cart , the vehicle pull in by horses. In Dutch times, there are already factory karoseri specifically assemble a gig , these vehicles used to transport many of the postal and public transport.
The company was named fuch and rent , with headquarters and a garage in central jakarta harmony numbers now.
I think this is the company's first general assembly of vehicles, only recently a lot of technicians carriers, jeeps car assembling the rest of the second world war became oplet of the main ingredient of wood, such as the famous jeepney in the Philippine state,
karoseri, now so advanced, all buses had been on the raft with a full iron plates. such companies fuch & rent has been transformed into Indonesian car company known as permorin .

star jet by: blogger

Permorin pt , automotive, which in its heyday, became the first company to assemble cars (assembling plant) for the brands Mercedes-benz, Mitsubishi, ford, etc..
Permorin , has become the first importer in Indonesia to hold a Mercedes benz car and Mitsubishi brands. Permorin had also developed a body of shared Krama yudha three diamond motors (KTB) ,see product karoseri permorin we know little bus Jet Star, at the time there was no body of a car company that can match the quality of design and product quality karoseri permorin. PT. Krama Yudha Permorin with three diamonds Motor also has a share in the effort to birth a new company which is engaged in assembly of bus chassis Mitsubishi we know today Pt. Trijaya union.

So the body of a car at first clearly made by an expert carpenter, became public transport is a gig , drawn from its main ingredient is wood that is widely available in around us, easily in the form of its construction and design models.

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  1. baru tau,, kirain karoseri tuch apaan,

  2. terima kasih komentarnya: jual sepatu
    salam kenal

  3. Oh begitu toh ceritanya...

  4. karoseri tidak menarik untungnya sedikit dan pembelinya banyak yang suka bohong ... dan susah bayar .... sebaiknya COD .....
    cash on delivery .... jangan BOK ..... Bon On langsung kabur nggak mau bayar

  5. @ agus yth
    pernyataan anda ada benarnya, namun sebagai pengusaha kami tetap setia melayani setiap permintaan , demi kemajuan industri karoseri dan membantu pemerintah untuk menyerap banyak tenaga kerja.


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